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Discussion in '-off topic-' started by flowersofnight, Jun 7, 2016.

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    flowersofnight wrote:
    OMG I saw the documentary about the Turkish street cats last year, it was fucking brilliant how they all had some sort of character arc to them. I'd watch it again if they played it :p and more importantly, visit Turkey.

    That also kinda reminds me of this cemetery in Ueno(?), there were a lot of old grumpy cats hanging out all over the place, the folks who lived around them seemed to take care of the cats. Some were nice but some also looked ready to beat the shit out of you. Next time I'm bringing toys and treats...
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    truth. They just don't understand the importance of neutering animals.
    That film doesn't talk about the diseases, the bloated eyes, the kittens without moms, etc, does it?
    It was really hard to see the diseases the animals had.

    But at least they don't eat them in Turkey...
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