Event Mana is attending Sakura-Con in Seattle

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    Posted: Sat Apr 7, 2018 12:11 am

    Merged this to the Sakura-Con thread. Looking forward to some field agents reporting in!
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    Astral Romance wrote:
    I don't really have much of a story. I was actually volunteering/working the panel room next door. When a floater came to give me a break I'd poke my head in, but it was mostly just so I could be like, "Yeah i've laid eyes on Mana-sama."

    Not really a huge fan of Q&A Panels, people never ask the juicy questions. and if they do, they get deflected.
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    Tastes Like Future wrote:
    I was!

    He answered all my questions! I regret not asking more questions tho, I only wrote 3.

    Astral Romance wrote:
    I intend to post on my blog in English and Portuguese with more details. But what I loved the most was finding out that Mana actually has wrinkles (around his nose and lips). Sometimes, during a handshake, he would move his lips a bit and you could see it cleary. I was so happy. He actually looks human :lol: It was one of the best moments in my life. Too bad I'm too shy to speak english, so I didn't had the chance to talk propely to people, but everyone I met at the con were very nice to me.

    The models told us after the fashion show that Mana actually talked on the backstage. One of the girls told me he has a more feminine voice, very different from the deep voice we know from the Malice Mizer videos.
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    Kazi wrote:
    But what is human?
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    Witchka wrote: