Kalmia (The Music of Kalm)

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    Posted: Fri Oct 5, 2018 5:07 pm

    heutre wrote:
    I just spoke with him again and he said it would be available later on this year.. Tbh I can't wait to hear new Kalmia material.. Apparently it's supposed to be slow tempo darkwave (Kalm made a post about it on facebook if I recall correctly) and I would love to hear something that reminds me of Silk..

    Madame.Tarantula wrote:
    Did you end up asking him finally ? I've been wondering about "LAST MIND" since like... 2012 I think ahah... I'm so curious !!

    Edit :

    Found the receipt. I don't know if the translation is accurate but if it's really dark ambient it could be even better than what I'm expecting.. because dark ambient can get hella experimental.. (sample wise)

    Can't wait to hear it tbh.
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    Ah, yes, in regards to LAST MIND, he said he wasn't sure, but he thinks it might have been lost with the master files on his old computer whose hard drive crashed. :( But he said he'll check and see to be sure. I hope it isn't lost, I would love to hear it myself!
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    Madame.Tarantula wrote:
    Thanks for the update !

    Edit : just found a clearer image of the Last Mind flyer. https://www.instagram.com/p/BAFuFP2mp7I/?tagged=velveteden
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