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Discussion in '-main-' started by heutre, Oct 8, 2018.

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    Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 1:26 pm

    ghostpepper wrote:
    I always wondered who was piloting the Funkadelic Mothership...

    Buuut on a serious note, I'm only cautious that we don't speculate/pry too much into one's private life, unless they make any in-depth public delcarations -- that is where the heat lies, I think. However, as far as gender/socio-political discussions go, I'm all for it (but maybe perhaps in another thread, so as not to deviate too much from the initial topic). I think the reason why discussions on such subjects get so heated is that we (humanity, that is) don't talk enough about it, making such a topic seem "taboo" when it really shouldn't be. I mean, look at how much we talk about now that in the 20th century would have gotten somebody ostracized, or even killed? I sincerely hope we can all get to a point to where we can talk about anything as a matter-of-fact and honesty without stepping on toes, or getting too emotionally invested. Like I said, I think exposure is the key, and our emotions and preconceived notions based upon them is very harmful to society. The more a subject is talked about openly, the less of an "issue" it becomes -- Not that I'm saying everything that should be discussed should ever be accepted or tolerated, as there are still horrible things that should never be, but also should never kept hushed, as that is where awareness comes in, which is very vital; we cannot face evil if we pretend it doesn't exist.

    In short, censorship blows, and people need to be willing to discuss, listen, and learn. Buuuut, again, this is all for another topic.... Unless it all pertains to Mana and similar artists, and whatever he and they are willing to share with the public.
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    Witchka wrote:

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    Not arguing, just mentioning again what Mana personally wrote about this topic.

    The "boku" comment was followed by Mana writing "Mana is Mana", which was a reference to the previous tweets about how Mana sees Mana.

    I see there are Dr. Funkenstein fans here. Party on people
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    Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 4:09 pm

    Witchka wrote:
    I agree that a general thread on the complexities of gender expression in visual kei may be more appropriate for a broader discussion (for those interested in that!), simply because this thread started as a Mana-specific question. That makes sense to me. It'd give room to talk about all sorts of bands, trends, social norms, etc! Of course Mana could be discussed too, in terms of his contributions to that aspect of the scene ::mana:: Would the 'off topic' section of the forum be the most appropriate place for that kind of thread, you all think? I'm kinda interested in starting up that thread.

    With respect to the Mana specific stuff, it's intriguing to see his various comments on gender whether it's his remarks from magazine interviews or his tweets! It seems to me he has spoken directly about the matter of his gender, though the interpretation of his direct statements on the subject seems to differ from person to person.
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    Heavy as in too risky that it'll become emotionally charged.
    It would be a fine discussion for the random thread, but probably not in conjunction with actual artists...

    As for Kaya. Well. Let's just say someone discovered his personal mixi.
    They sent me some screencaps and asked me what the things meant.
    It was pretty clear that he was supergay, and preferred men to women in all aspects of life except 80s pop.