Anyone else order goods from CD Japan for DSVI?

Discussion in '-main-' started by etherealspirits, Oct 12, 2018.

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    Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 7:30 am

    etherealspirits wrote:
    I think the problem lies with Midi Nette, you said previously CdJapan told you they still had not received a decent respons. Also since CdJapan does not acctually store these items, but get them from MidiNette, they probably sent the wrong items to CdJapan. I feel like you're a bit biased towards Mana/MidiNette, but they can f* up you know :P
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    Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:22 am

    Yeah, CDJapan are just the middleman, technically everything they list they don't have on hand as it sourced through whichever distributor (Midi:Nette for goods and whoever it was for CDs) is providing. Its unfortunate they didn't catch it before it went out, but I doubt their warehouse staff know (or care) about the merchandise variations of our favourite Bangladeshi wedding music band.
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    sanctum wrote:
    Sure, but if you're in the business of dealing with distributors, I don't think it's too much to ask to handle things gracefully when there's a problem with a distributor or you just can't get an item for some reason. And you know, give the money back if you can't fill the order :| We shouldn't really have to concern ourselves with their supply chain, the collective bargaining agreements with their warehouse forklift drivers, and all that.
    Not that I'm condemning CDJ outright - they're obviously in a tough position and service is suffering as a result. But let's just say that this is not what we'd call "ideal service".
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    Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:19 pm

    Madmoiselle_Silk wrote:
    Not biased. I realize they also have problems, it comes from the company that does the concert merchandise for them, and yes it would help if Mana could find someone better. But this is totally on CD Japan. They are not keeping track of inventory at all, they sent two of the wrong items, they do not respond to customer service emails and they failed to send an email stating they had to remove one item from my order because they did not have it. It's an item they didn't have for months. There are other items also like that. They do not have enough people working there. They told me they have a severe staffing shortage.

    Customers should not have to hunt down how to contact a company. And I have had to keep contacting them for over a month. They have been telling me they would refund my credit card if I wanted that. Now they are going on about store credit instead of the refund. This has nothing to do with Midi:Nette, this is CD Japan.

    they do not have this and still it is showing available.JPG This is one of the items they do not have and that they know they can not get. All of the Matin items have been sold out for some time. Midi:Nette knows this, does not have them on their site. I tried ordering it from CD Japan thinking maybe they had some still at their warehouse. Nope, they tried to get it from Midi:Nette back in September, and were told they don't have it. Did CD Japan change it to not available? Nope. They still have other Matin items available to order, even though they are not in stock and they can't get them.

    As to sending wrong items, that is also on CD Japan. They got the items in their warehouse, they handled them, put them into the boxes to ship out. It has nothing to do with item variations. There are item numbers on each package so they are not paying attention. I received two wrong items out of the four that were shipped to me.
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    Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 3:41 am

    A Warning

    If you order from CD Japan, and they send you the wrong item, and they do not have the actual item you ordered, they will not refund your money. They will give you "shopper points".

    And to repeat, it was CD Japan that sent the wrong items, not Midi:Nette. CD Japan stated it was their mistake and told me they went out to tell their warehouse people that they need to be more careful. They are the ones who charged my credit card and now say they can not refund my credit card. They are the ones who said they had the correct shirt to send me, and now it appears they lied about that.

    Because someone there said they would give me a refund, they are now claiming they will try to send me a Paypal refund. But they stated they do not give refunds, only shopper points. So be warned, because they have items on their website that they actually can not get, they will not refund money if they send the wrong item.
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    Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:07 pm

    Wanted to mention, when it comes to the item numbers, I just learned that it is not Midi:Nette that puts the item numbers on the packaging. It is CD Japan employees. Midi:Nette had nothing to do with my receiving two wrong items.

    Basically CD Japan's employees were not actually checking the goods, just sticking numbers on the bags. So they put the wrong number on the tote bag. They had the correct number on the t-shirt, whoever packed it to ship to me messed up and packed the wrong one. Not Midi:Nette.

    I finally received a refund for the one wrong item that they were unable to replace, unless I wanted to wait for an unknown time, with no idea if they ever would get it. After waiting for a month after contacting them about this wrong item, I am done waiting, even if it meant I lost a little bit of money due to their refusal to refund to my credit card. I am still waiting for the correct t-shirt.