A translation of Sakura's recent post on Kami.

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    Original tweet: https://twitter.com/sakurazawa/status/1070118766468460545
    This becomes something of an after report,
    In the latest Pearl catalog they have published Kami framed as a Legend.
    It is the first time the two of us have been published together. . .
    I wrote him a letter at Yomotsuhirasaka*. . .
    Well. . I will be meeting him again anyways soon.

    Yuki then retweeted saying:
    thoughts to be wrapped up in. . .

    *Yomotsuhirasaka is a hill leading to the edge between the world of the living and the dead,
    (maybe you know the story of Izanami and Izanagi)
    Sakura went to Shimane prefecture to Izumo-Taisha, Since ancient times there is the myth
    that this place connects the underworld with the our present world.
    So people have made a post box to heaven, tying ancient tradition to the present.
    Matsue city in Shimane is very far off from any major area and even
    an hour train ride plus trek after Matsue so
    it is very touching he went this far to give a letter. . .
    On a positive note the nuance of the last line is not so dark, the way he wrote it could imply
    he is going to meet Kami on the stage again. One can only hope that is the case~
    I will try and grab a copy of the new pearl catalog next time I go to the music store too.

    Izumo Grand Shrine:
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    ghostpepper wrote:
    I think it is more likely he was referring to the completion of the DSVI concert DVD. They may be recording commentary or interviews for that too.
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    etherealspirits wrote:
    who knows ^_^ one can only hope~
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